Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cupid will be at your service - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, July 18, 2020

If only everyone had such a good heart as yours, Pisces, but it's not the case. Therefore, you should be wary of crowded places


Social pressure can wreak havoc on couples. You must embrace the way you are and live your love story without forsaking your personality or values. There’s no generic right way of expressing love. Each one does it the way that comes natural to them and you, Pisces, do it from the bottom of your heart. You might not be the most detail-oriented person in the world, but you’re a loyal and affectionate life partner, with a million redeeming qualities.

Those who are single will awaken passion wherever they go. You have a very hectic night ahead of you, with multiple opportunities of being smitten by Cupid’s arrow.

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The astral flow will bring you good luck in your finances. A friend who has set up a business will tell you about it and you’ll immediately have loads of ideas and ways of improving their business model. You think you can make the most of your knowledge and effort to make that activity take off, and you’ll want to reach a financial agreement of getting paid commissions by this acquaintance.

Careful where you put your wallet today. One thing is to be blessed with good fortune by the energies, and a completely different one is to leave it anywhere unsupervised and expect no one to touch it. Unfortunately, there’s people with really low vibration frequencies who won’t hesitate for a second to steal it, so be careful.


Your kidneys are somewhat sensitive today.  Therefore, you must be very careful when drinking alcohol. Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption then since, in truth, alcohol has no beneficial properties for our bodies, quite the opposite actually.

On a mental level, in the morning you’ll be quite talkative thanks to the moon in Gemini. In the afternoon, when it enters Cancer, you might experience a great desire to fall in love and have the other person fall in love with you.