Stop knocking on locked doors - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, January 18, 2021

At work your courageous side will stand out and you'll sort out all problems


On a romantic level you might have a few rejections. It won’t be because the other person isn’t interested in you, but because you’ve wanted to rush things. Although you may not believe it, this step and how you react to rejection will bring you closer to your romantic goal, be patient, Pisces.

Don’t think your intuition has been what has been what has led you to this situation, it was your impatience and ego. From now on, you need to calm down when you decide to make your next move, and listen to your intuition, it will guide you.

Those who are single and attempting a reconciliation won’t find any hint of compassion or mercy. It would seem that this door is locked for you, and no one will open it for you, it’s better not to insist.

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It’s a good time to cultivate a new relationship with your most important customers and partners. Make some calls, invite people for a coffee, make sure you ask them how they’re doing in their personal life. Showing interest will help you keep the cordiality, trust and reliability in your relationship.

At work you might encounter some unforeseen circumstances which will require courage and focus in order to sort them out. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to handle the situation and you’ll surely have external help for this. As the end of the day, you’ll have recognition and you’ll feel proud of the result.

The stars indicate that your financial situation will be stable this Monday. If you have some bills to pay, you’ll need to cover them with your savings, but you’ll soon be able to get it back.


It seems like your mental health will be much better than your physical health. Your peace and mental tranquillity will allow you to focus on working with your body fully. We recommend you do exercises with weights in order to increase your strength.

Uranus will surprise you with good news regarding the health of a loved one.

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