Pisces Thursday on a sky background

Don't overcomplicate matters, love is simple - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, February 18, 2021

Forker your work or study methodologies, today your intuition tells you the best place to start


You’ll want to have fun at home and you’ll constantly try to engage your partner and children (if you have any) with jokes. You’ll create an irritating and mocking character to bother others when they’re submerged in their own worlds or tasks. Some tickles here, hiding someone’s phone there and pretending you know nothing about it, you’ll have fun, and you’ll make your loved ones laugh!

But you should be careful, there’s a fine line between being mischievous and being a pain.  You should especially avoid delving into personal matters or insecurities, you might offend a loved one and thus, destroy all the good atmosphere you had created.

Single Pisces will distrust the person they’ve been seeing of late. You’ll think that “everything is going to well” and for this reason, something must be up. Drop the machinations and self-sabotage! Love doesn’t have to be complicated.

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If you’re a Pisces in charge of running errands, then you’ll have to do more trips than ever. Between having a bigger workload and being distracted, you’ll have to go to the same place two or three times. This will annoy you greatly and your haste will drain your energy sooner than expected.

Those who are immersed in a specific project will find themselves having to cover different matters of a very diverse nature. Although we always recommend starting by the hardest tasks, today your intuition will be your best guide for any work-related matters.


With the moon in Taurus and Venus in conjunction with Mars, you’ll have a tendency to treat yourself or make impulsive purchases to gratify your senses (especially your gluttony). You’ll tend to give free rein to your gluttony, and you’ll eat loads of sweets and pastries. You need to stop, or you might get ill soon.

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