Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll want a day filled with adventure with your partner - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, October 17, 2020

You must be more cautious when investing or lending money, you're having too many financial losses


The good aspects of Venus will give you a warm and affectionate touch and will also make you passionate. Qualities you already have but which will be enhanced. But you won’t want to sulk at home this Saturday, what you’ll want is to enjoy love in open spaces, enjoying adventures.

If you can afford to go on a little getaway, it would be ideal. Otherwise, there are bound to be a million activities you can do in your area: trekking, ziplines, quadbike riding, cycling, paragliding, etc.

At night, you could book dinner at an exotic restaurant or with modern and innovative cooking techniques and then the evening will be perfect. Avoid talking too much about subjects you're passionate about, you might unintentionally trample over your partner’s feelings by trying to impose your point of view as the sole valid and correct one.

Those who are single have a lot of social planetary energy on their side and can woo anyone they please this weekend.

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With the Sun in opposition to Mars in your area of share finances makes you continue being very generous with money, and you’ll have to hold onto Saturn’s energy to keep your feet on the ground. It’s a good day to go shopping if you need to acquire furniture or decor for your home. You’ll have better understanding with your partner and a more refined taste when picking the items.

It’s even a good day to view properties, if you're thinking of buying or renting a new place.  The energies of the moon in Scorpio will help you feel whether this new house has good vibes.

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You’ll have excessive gluttony and you’ll much on unhealthy snacks, in spite of not being hungry.  Careful with copious meals, Pisces, because if you fall asleep after eating, you won’t burn the excess energy given to you by the planets and, come night-time, you’ll find it impossible to fall asleep.