Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Pride can destroy illusions - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Your respiratory system is very vulnerable these days, look after yourself to avoid catching a cold


Your hard work to get your relationship to keep moving forwards is yielding results (also thanks to your beloved’s effort).  But you’ll need something more. Speaking about how committed each of you are and what your expectations are will help you know where your relationship is at.

Those who are single will miss out on a romantic opportunity because of their pride, but they’ll never apologize.

It’s a perfect day to cook a traditional family recipe and to ask your children to help you with it. This way they’ll learn how to make it and you’ll share a good moment together. While you’re doing it, you can ask them questions and, as you’ll be in a relaxed environment, focused on being chefs, they’ll find it easier to talk and answer without premeditation.

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Today the atmosphere is tense and there’ll be arguments at work.  There might be cultural clashes due to a nasty comment from an empathy-devoid colleague. Telecommunications with other countries might malfunction for a while, and there could be problems with international orders.

If you have a job interview, you won’t know how to choose your words properly, unless you can control your nerves and think well before you reply.

Test or exams won’t go as well as expected, as there’ll be a few trick questions, so keep your eyes peeled, Pisces.

Careful with online purchases when placing orders abroad, first you must ensure the website is secure, before you enter your credit card number.

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Be careful when talking to people who have a cold or the flu. Your lungs and airways are more exposed and vulnerable, which can lead to you catching a cold. Plus, you should avoid smoking and avoid areas with smoke or pollution. Anything that could harm your respiratory system, generally speaking.

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