Pisces Wednesday on a sky background

Today anything is possible in your love life! - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, March 17, 2021

You might suffer small episodes of anxiety and nervousness throughout the day


A halo of good fortune and craziness will impregnate the love life of Pisces, anything is possible today! Set out to have fun and eccentric plans with your partner; if you’re single you should take the leap and declare your love for that person you’ve liked for so long. If your beloved lives far away, you should buy a ticket to go visit them today. You’ll get a positive response to proposals with friends and acquaintances to become friends with benefits.

Venus smiles upon you and it would be a shame not to make the most of this extremely beneficial energy.

You could also make racier proposals to experiment new sensations and situations. Although you’ll have to leave some room for improvisation. That is to say, perhaps what you have in mind won’t happen just as you imagined, but it could be even better.

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In order to save more, you should convert your purchases into “hours of work”.  That is to say, when you want to buy, for example, a bag, you shouldn’t think about it in terms of money, but rather think “this is worth 30 hours of my work”. This way you’ll know if it’s truly worth it. This will give more value to your time and to the things you buy.

Plus, remember that it’s better to buy a good quality item than a cheaper one which you’d have to replace monthly. Although at first the investment is bigger, the fact that it will last longer will make up for it.


The end of the period of Pisces approaches, and you can already feel your desire to put in place new habits and projects. For the time being, and before you move on to action, you should plan your new routines and split your goals into smaller ones.

The moon in conjunction with Uranus will translate into nervousness and anxiety. In order to fight it off, you should do short, minute-long meditations throughout the day.

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