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You'll share the joy of good news - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, January 17, 2021

Letting go of the ilussion that you're in control will allow you to trust in the process and be open to anything that might come


On a romantic level, we foresee a day where warmth, good communication, cuddles and caresses will be present for all Pisces who are in a relationship. Even from an outside perspective people will see your love for each other, and you’ll be labelled nauseatingly sweet, but you won’t care one bit.

Close relatives will receive good news that will warm your heart. A dose of positivity and joy will fill your conversations and there will surely be more than one toast.

Single Pisces will receive a pleasant surprise when they get a call from that special someone.

Today is not a good day to cultivate a friendship with Pisces. The thing is, they will want to impose their values and ideals on others and this will lead arguments and clashes.

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Jupiter brings moments of expansion on a professional level. Perhaps hand in hand with a new with a new job you’ve been looking for a while, you’ll get good results in your current position, or sign new contracts and agreements.

Pisces who have their own business will need more order and control in your company if you want to improve your results. We’re not only speaking of results on a financial level, but also your reputation on the market. Better planning of how you invest your resources will help you.

Perhaps you’ll feel somewhat frustrated if your efforts haven’t materialized yet, in the most literal sense of the word. You think that being able to buy those things you want and seeing them will make you feel more successful. But you’re achieving much, even if you still don’t have tangible results, you shouldn’t let this bring you down.


Impatience might play you a nasty trick and make you feel irrationally nervous.  Although you can’t control or predict it, it can create a feeling of insecurity and anxiety. As they say, “keep calm, nothing is under control”.

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