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Try to look at your problems “from outside” - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, December 17, 2020

Focusing on your work will bring you peace of mind, and you'll forget about your romantic problems


Childhood experienced linked to your parents might come to light, which will remind you of your recent attitude towards your partner or ex (if you’ve recently had a breakup). You might see that you’ve repeated certain patterns that took place at home when you were little.

In spite of this, you won’t show your vulnerability or pain caused by rejection. You’ll prefer to suffer in silence, in the privacy of your own bedroom. Pride won’t allow you to show your sensitivity and this will cause frustration, and others will perceive it as your being in a foul mood. Pisces, have you ever felt truly loved? If you haven’t, it’s not because it hasn’t happened, but because you’ve subconsciously not been able to accept it.

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Work will be an escape route for you, distracting you from your feelings. Although you’ll be rather irritable, and your partners will draw straws to see who will ask you what’s wrong. During relaxed moments such as lunch, you’ll feel better by listening to somebody else’s problems and anecdotes.

If your business partner is also your life partner (or your ex), you’ll have to show more professionalism and separate your love life from work to prevent it from interfering in your business. The best thing is to just speak the bare minimum and in a neutral tone, as clients don’t need to know about your problems.

You’ll want to practice foreign languages or perhaps go on a trip. If you're off on Christmas, you could take this opportunity to jump on a plane and to practice languages outside of your learning environment. Plus, this way you’ll discover how other cultures celebrate Christmas or the new year.


Hormones are (partly) the cause behind today’s emotional ups and downs.  Try to look at situations from a broader perspective, outside of your “self”. This way you’ll better control your words and actions.

Eating with a knot in your stomach caused by nerves might give you some gastroenteritis.

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