Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

Make sure you have your keys before leaving the house! - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, August 17, 2020

Whether you've already had your holidays or are yet to take them, your overflowing imagination will want to be somewhere that looks like paradise


You’ll catch your partner out in several lies.  Although they may seem like small things (such as going to bed later than they said they would) you’ll think these could be hints of a potential affair.

Observe the changes you’ve noticed in their behaviour recently. But what you shouldn’t do under any circumstances is to go through their phone behind their back to read their conversations. If you have strong suspicions the best thing you can do is to ask them openly, to see how they react and what their answer is.

The single Pisces could discover they’re not the only one their beau is seeing, and they will feel betrayed.

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You always work at 100% capacity, and you’re always ready to give the best of yourself, but today you’ll notice that fatigue overshadows your impetus and you’ll dream of going on holidays. Without wanting to, you’ll spread this energy to your closest colleagues who will spend the rest of the day looking at their clock every 10 minutes wishing the day to end as soon as possible.

Your bosses know you’re optimistic and jolly, and they’ll be surprised to see you so downcast. They’ll take an interest on your wellbeing (which is a positive sign). Don't worry little fish, everyone has bad days, even you.

In the rush of leaving your house this morning you might forget your keys inside the house. Before you call an out-of-hours locksmith (which will be very expensive) try picking your lock with a hard sheet of plastic, as it works for most locks.

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A hormonal imbalance could give you severe acne on your cheeks. It will be like going back to puberty. Your first impulse will be to cover the outbreak with makeup, but this will only make things worse. Go to a dermatologist to see how to fix it.

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