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Venus enhances your artistic skills - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, January 16, 2021

Your desire to strengthen your relationship will show your commitment and this will make your partner happy


There are many books on the market that can help you make your relationship more harmonious. Wanting your marriage or relationship to keep evolving will show your commitment, and your beloved will love this.

A good idea would be to plan a future trip some place where you’ve never been and, even better if it’s somewhere with a completely different culture to your own. New experiences and knowledge will unite you even more and you’ll be able to learn new expectations about love.

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Waiting for your dream job to come knocking is not an option, Pisces. It’s time to go out and find your own footing. Go places were people linked to your dream job meet, socialize with them as if you didn’t know where they work; scout it out and go to an office with your resume and list your numerous skills; add that talent hunter on social media and send them a video to leave them speechless.

Those who are employed or self-employed might feel somewhat discouraged when a project they had invested a lot of time and effort on comes crumbling down. You’ll feel “orphaned”, but not so much because of the lost investment but, rather, because it was an initiative that you were especially enthusiastic about.


The good aspect of the moon with Mars gives you excellent physical strength, good reflexes and dynamism. This is perfect to face the day at work or at home where you’ll have to move heavy objects. It will also benefit those who practice sports such as tennis, judo, taekwondo and boxing.

Plus, your artistic skills will stand out and you’ll feel very inspired. Painting, singing or acting will make you very happy.

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