Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Careful with spending too much on gifts and gestures - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Uranus will give you ingenious and creative ideas at unexpected times, don't forget to write them down!


The energy of the sun in Virgo is in your area of relationships due to which you’ll want to spend a day of romance, but where you also have your own space. It won’t be a day to cling to your beloved, but there will be moments of complicity and affection. At night, the energy of Mars will flood your sexual desire and, even if you go out partying and get home late, you won’t want to go to sleep without having a moment of pleasure with your spouse first.

Careful with what you say to father figures. It’s likely that if you have any unhealed emotional wounds involving your father, an argument full of reproaches might break out with them.

There’ll be a really good connection with your children.  There’ll be wonderful moments where you’ll show how much you love them, and where you’ll receive that love back.

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You have everything in your favour so that, if you work in a creative or technological environment, Uranus will give you sparks of brilliant ideas. Today is not one of those days where you’ll sit down to wait for information to come to you magically. This Tuesday ideas will strike you like arrows and you’ll have to catch them in the moment, while you’re doing your routine tasks or, even, while you’re in the middle of a conversation.

You’ll live in an unrealistic financial bubble, but today won’t be the day where it bursts. You’ll focus on making your loved ones happy, whether it’s by buying food or presents.

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The stars keep inviting you to change your habits and routines. If you’ve made the decision to not drink alcohol and not overeat, you’ll stick to it. Good choice, Pisces!

On a mental level, the moon will give you optimism and, without meaning to, you’ll engage your close circle in deep philosophical and metaphysical conversations. It will be a very interesting chat.

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