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Your Daily Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pisces, never give up no matter the circumstances


Pisces, today you'll vibe very high on the affective and personal level. Hitting rock bottom means that the only option left is to go up. After having been swimming tirelessly towards the surface, you finally seem to have come up for air.

Fill your body and mind with the peace and calm you've long sought. If you've managed to reach it with your fingertips, do your best to keep it with you.


The Daily Horoscope reveals that the time has come to look to the future, Pisces. You need to live in the present but we can't forget that we must be prepared for tomorrow. Perhaps it's time to focus on the future of those around you.

Try to anticipate expenses. If you think that a family member might need financial support for future studies, focus on raising money. Your income is somewhat solid so you can afford to help them.


The Horoscope suggests a certain lack of motivation at work, Pisces. It seems to be going well but you'll feel somewhat disappointed on a personal level.

It was definitely a great effort for you to voluntarily change your mind. But now you're sad by the fact that the effects of such a sacrifice haven't lived up to your expectations.

However, remember that it's still too early to receive the recognition you're longing for. Keep up the good work and you'll soon see the results.


Pisces, don't blame yourself if this discomfort continues over the course of days. It's normal to lose our temper when we're at our most vulnerable. However, don't let negative emotions take control.

Acknowledge them, accept them, but don't let them get used to inhabiting your body. You must keep fighting for your well-being no matter what.

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