Pisces Monday on a sky background

You'll be a beacon of charm, optimism and attractiveness - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, March 15, 2021

You have great creativity and productivity to manifest your ideas and feelings


You’ll seek harmony in your love life, as well as at home. Your physical appearance will be very important, and you’ll be very careful with your clothes and hairdo this Monday. But not in order to please your partner or beau, but to please yourself. Looking attractive will make others succumb to your charm without you even trying.

Your charming and kind attitude will delight your life partner, who will feel very fortunate to have you by their side. Those who are single might even get up an hour earlier than usual just to enhance their beauty as much as possible before leaving their house. Even if you don’t have to leave your house and just have online meetings, you’ll don your best outfit.

Pisces who have children will be very strict, but will feel proud of their children’s grades or projects.

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From today until the 19th, the muses of inspiration will be with you at all times.  These will probably be the most creative day for Pisces in the whole of 2021, where you’ll be able to deeply connect with your feelings and emotions. Take advantage of this to write poetry, science fiction, romantic or erotic literature, paint, dance, sing, sculpt, knit.... Go with the flow of this current of creativity and beauty.

The more practical and administrative jobs will become terribly boring, so, in order to cope better with them, the best thing will be to have a radio station you like playing in the background.


The moon in sextile with Jupiter brings good news in the area of your health. Test or results will come back better than you expected. You might even fully recover from an illness.

Your attitude will be very optimistic, and you’ll have a good level of self-esteem.

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