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You start a new, long-lasting relationship - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, January 15, 2021

You notice the physical and mental fatigue that has built up in your body throughout the week, you need to rest


Single Pisces who have been waiting some time to find their ideal partner are in luck. Your energy will attract an honest, sensitive person who is ready to give in to love, and for whom the home and family are the most valuable things in their life.

Emotion might make you too excited, almost desperate, and the other party won’t like this. Try to calm down, don’t create false expectations. Just let them know in a calm manner, but with a big smile, that those values are also pillars of your life. This will create a solid basis for this new relationship that will be very long-lasting.

Pisces who are already in a relationship or marriage will enjoy relaxed conversations and chats with their beloved regarding current subjects.

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Make the most of the planetary energies that are lighting your social areas. Promoting social relations, whether at work or outside of it, will bring with it an increase in capital.

There’s a lot of astral tension between your place work and your business partner, due to which you’re likely to have arguments, breaking of deals and misunderstandings in this area.

The good aspect of Venus in Capricorn with the moon in Pisces in your area of investments benefits those who invest in other people’s dreams.

Some of your skills are rusty due to the evolution of the professional market, it’s time to look for courses and books to get you up to date so you can keep shining and standing out in your professional field.


You’ll feel the need to organize your weekend with the aim of resting.  This week you’ve overexerted your body and mind at times, and you need to regain your strength. It’s also likely that you’ll need to gather your thoughts.

Start by writing how you feel on a blank page tonight, the moon in your sign will help you vent.

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