A tsunami of energy to achieve your goals - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, February 15, 2021

Your emotions and feelings will be flaring, and you'll have very little control over your reactions


The stellium in Aquarius in your House XII is making an aspect with the moon and Mars is in an aspect with Neptune and Pluto. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised if this Monday you don’t have the self-control you’d like over your emotional reactions. You won’t be ashamed of your feelings, but you’d like to be able to contain them in front of certain people, and this will be very hard for you this Monday.

You’ll be very intense with those you trust, and this might overwhelm them. You can easily put yourself in other people’s position, but just like it happens with Scorpios, it’s very hard to find someone who truly gets you.

The upside of this astral configuration is that it gives you a sensual and mysterious halo, and a great libido.

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This energy also brings you a tsunami of energy to achieve your goals. Therefore, you’ll have great focus, which will really help you move forward in your professional and personal projects Although you’ll have to be careful, because there will be a certain obsession which you’ll have to control in order to avoid spending the whole night awake working and studying.

You’ll have to cut back on certain luxuries you’ve been treating yourself to, such as eating out nearly every day or paying expensive service subscriptions. You’ve been living above your means until now, and this has been making your savings dwindle.


Older Pisces might suffer small headaches or problems with their teeth. But it won’t be anything serious and, as the hours go by, these will vanish.

Your high intensity and energy levels will impact your daily activities in the form of haste: you’ll eat too fast, exercise incorrectly and you’ll run everywhere you go... Focus on your breathing when you start feeling upset, so you can return to the present moment.

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