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You'll pursue idealistic goals - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Water will help you connect with your spirit and get in touch with your intuition


If you’re looking for love with the arrival of Venus in Sagittarius, you’ll look for someone who shares your religious and philosophical convictions. Plus, fun and spontaneity won’t be lacking. That considerably reduces your chances of finding a partner. Open up your spectrum a bit, someone different to you could show you other interesting points of view.

One of your parents or parental figures needs to have an honest talk with you. They need to express certain feelings and experiences with honesty, and they fully trust you to give them your point of view.

Your friends are willing to help you achieve your idealistic goals. For example, you might convince them to do a mini protests or to take their proposal to your municipality.

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At work, with Mercury on a tense aspect with your regent, Neptune, you’ll need to cultivate tolerance, patience and equanimity. You’ll work better as part of a team, if you have a well-defined role and know what your tasks are. Because, otherwise, you’ll be trying to impose your point of view on your colleagues.

It’s a positive period for Pisces who work with machinery, in aviation, law and general sciences.

You’ll tend to clash with your business partners and to disagree with all their opinions and ideas. There’ll be a lot of anger, irritation and many arguments which won’t lead to good port.


Your area of health ruled by Leo is very quiet, due to which the energy of the moon in Capricorn rules.  If you want your hear to grow quickly and healthy, then it’s a good moment to cut it. It’s also a good time for treatments to strengthen your fingernails.

There’s very little water energy in the astral climate, due to which you might feel somewhat disconnected from your soul. A walk down the beach with the waves soaking your feet wil help you reconnect with yourself.

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