Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

Fun, party and good vibes - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, August 15, 2020

The tense aspect between Mars and Saturn will make you waste money on small pleasures


The energies will influence you so you can find the balance between spending time with your friends and time with your partner. But your attitude in both cases will be the same: you’ll want to have a good time. You’ll eat, drink, spend money, exercise and socialize a lot (you’ll even make new friends).

Pisces will use their seduction weapons thanks to the good aspects of Neptune in their sign, and they’ll play their cards well tonight. You’ll take the initiative when getting to know someone you’re attracted to and who, at first sight, appears to be very powerful.

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Your sign isn't characterized by its ability to save money, but you do know how to optimize it when you have clear goals. But, today, you’ll get carries away by the positive energy and you’ll treat yourself to anything you want.

You’ll probably decide to eat and dine at a restaurant. And, later on, you’ll go out for a drink and you’ll have fun with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy it, Pisces, and don’t think of how much money you’re spending, one day of fun won’t be the end of the world!

At work your company will offer that you work abroad for a time, for a specific project. It will be an opportunity to make new connections, lead a team and prove that you’re the best in your department.

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If your legs hurt, rather than taking pain killers left, right and centre, and in the amounts you deem correct, you should see a doctor. You might have a circulation problem, or perhaps you have a problem with your knees.

On a mental level you’ll be happy, and this will be evidenced in the fact that the day will fly by. Enjoy those moments to the fullest rather than taking pictures of everything you do or of the people you spend every second with.