Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

You'll say goodbye to toxic friends and relatives - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, September 14, 2020

Your intuition is a characteristic of Pisces, but today it will be exponentially heightened


The energy of Venus keeps influencing you during a day where you’ll decide to get rid of certain toxic friendships. Even if the friendship is with a close relative (siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.). You’re done playing nice. If you see that someone has nothing to offer and, to top it off, that they have a negative aura, you will shut the door in their faces.

It’s a tense day in your family if you have children. Their energy will seem endless and, after a long day at work, dealing with this will be an uphill battle. Take them to the park where they can play with other kids and burn some energy.

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If you’re a Pisces who works with mysticism and the occult, you’ll be very fortunate. Your intuition will be very keen, and the energies will help you make very accurate prediction.

If you’re unemployed, a last-minute resignation at a supermarket might make them offer you a job.

A renovation you’re making at home has been delayed longer than expected, jeopardizing your plans for the near future (holidays, work trips, upcoming family reunions). You wanted everything to be perfect so you could show you home off, but you’re afraid this won't be the case. Express your worries to the contractor so they can give you a realistic deadline.

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If you’ve recently suffered a serious illness or had a fight about your heart, the road to recovery will be slow but efficient.  Keep looking after yourself and avoid foods high in cholesterol, eating too much sugar, processed foods and food with E numbers. In a few months you’ll be like new.

On a mental level it will be a chaotic and stressful day, except when you’re focused on doing your job.

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