Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

Steamy games will heat things up - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, November 14, 2020

An unexpected event from a stranger will bring you many financial benefits


Lately you’ve been seeking thrills, and it’s best if you share them with your partner, isn’t it? How about pretending to be different people? Set a date at a restaurant, at a specific time, and make up fictional, yet interesting, characters. Pretend to be on your first date and only getting to know each other, make each other racy questions, flirt, stare into each other’s eyes... You’ll have a lot of fun and, if you go with the flow, the game of sensuality will bring sparks between you.

Those who are single will have great ingenuity and a great sense of humour for making others laugh, which can be a great wooing tool, who doesn’t like a self-confident and funny person!

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The sun and Saturn are in a favourable aspect to transform your life and climb the society’s ladder, whether through investments, politics, or by getting recognition at work (if this is aligned with your vocation). Pisces, you might be able to obtain great financial profit through an innovative or avant-garde investment, or because your marketing campaign will yield great results, making you popular. Another likely situation is that a celebrity might share some of your work, or a review about your company on social media, and this will give you a great boost towards success.

This aspect also favours the favourable resolution of legal proceedings, inheritances, complaints or pending claims. Even divorce rulings which you thought you’d lose will take an unexpected turn, and you’ll come out better than expected.

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You won’t feel like exercising (unless it’s in the bedroom and in good company), therefore, your best choice for today is gentle exercise and swimming. Aquagym might fit very well with your needs and willpower.

You might discover very juicy secrets that will send you mind racing at times of the day.