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You need order and simplicity in your spaces - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, March 14, 2021

Connect with th element of earth by walking barefoot through a field, mountain or forest


Those who are single will start a liberating and healthy romance with someone you’ll get on with very well. But this person’s nearest and dearest might not accept you, and this could be a great obstacle in your quest for a stable relationship. There’s someone very close to your new love who doesn’t like your existence, because they also hold a candle for this person.

If you’re very direct in your accusations, you’ll push your beloved away from you. The best thing is to slowly let out seemingly innocent reflections out loud, when you're alone. This will stick in your beloved’s subconscious and then they’ll pay more attention to the signs. Therefore, they’ll decipher it by themselves and will make things very clear to the person who is trying to meddle in your relationship.

Pisces who are in a stable relationship or married will have a happy Sunday, whether by making plans or staying home and binge-watching series.

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You have so many contacts in your phone book that when you want to find someone you end up noticing you have four or five under the same name. You can’t even remember who some are when you look at their profile pictures on chat apps. Take this Sunday as an opportunity to do a digital cleanse of your mobile phone, tablet and computer.

If you work from home, you should also do a deep clean and tidy up your office. You’ve been accumulating paperwork in a corner for months, to go through them later, if you haven't needed them in the past few weeks, then maybe they can be safely shredded.


Your good mood will be reflected on the outfit you choose for today.  Pick orange and yellow clothes, they’ll make you feel more energetic and optimistic.

Avoid physical exercise indoors, go out to nature and, if you can, walk barefoot through a field or forest. Feel the connection with mother earth through your feet.

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