Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll want to climb the professional ladder at all costs - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

With the opposition between the sun and Jupiter, some of the actions you take to grow professionally might turn against you


Those who are in a relationship will be passionate in their displays of affection. They’ll be spontaneous and will kiss their beloved in a passionate and not very discreet way, whether it’s while queueing at the supermarket or while walking around a park. For this reason, this night will be filled with fireworks in the bedroom, where you’ll both enjoy giving and receiving pleasure.

Those who are single will receive compliments and be admired by their friends. And they’re likely to catch the eye of a relative of one of these friends. But careful, Pisces, try not to be too deep or mystical from the get-go in order not to scare away your potential suitor.

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Your efforts to keep climbing the ladder in your company might lead to treading on come colleagues’ toes. You won’t do it on purpose, but the harm will be done, nonetheless. You’ll want to impose your way of doing things on a project, and you’ll be completely shut off to hearing other people’s opinion.

It’s great that you want to exercise, your body will thank you for it, but there’s no need to buy the most expensive bike ever to begin doing it. Get an average one firs (if it’s second-hand all the better) and try it to see if you really like that sport, or if it bores you and you want to try something else.

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Because of the moon in Taurus you’ll take a look at your body and you’ll think you need to urgently get back in shape. You’ll urgently start working out just to get rid of your love handles. Before you buy all of that unnecessary equipment, evaluate if it's something you really like and can keep up over time.