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Your authenticity is non-negotiable - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, January 14, 2021

Keep a cool head and be rational if your body shows any potential symptoms of illness


You’ll find yourself with a (metaphorical) blank canvass, where you’ll be able to project any kind of relationship you want. Some conflicts that have already been addressed have given you a new perspective, but you still haven’t expressed them to your partner. Today is the perfect day to do it, as it will help solidify your relationship.

On the other hand, although single Pisces won’t have beneficial energies in their area of love, they might finally understand the type of relationship they’re looking for and how this bond should be. Don’t be discouraged, having a clearer idea of this you’ll feel more confident and you won’t be in so much of a hurry to find someone.

The horoscope’s advice is to keep showing yourself as you are, to be honest and to not care one bit about what others think.

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New business opportunities will arise in unexpected terms or environments. Surely you didn’t even know those means existed or you hadn’t taken them into consideration due to perceiving them as not serious. Truth is that you’ll find it very interesting and, if you let things flow, these new means will end up fitting in with and becoming a part of your professional career.

Small stores owned by Pisces will see an increase in customers if the quality of their products is good and are sold under honest terms. The thing is that, shortcuts and lies won’t help you get more profit, it will be rather the opposite.

Your money and resources will be limited and you might have to do without something or postpone something you had planned in order to get to the end of the month.


If your body presents any strange symptoms you might panic straight away. Behave rationally, don’t worry excessively and keep an eye on your symptoms. If they get worse or persist through time, then you’ll have to consult and expert.

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