You'll enjoy great charisma and sensuality - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, February 14, 2021

Certain desperate people will do desperate things just to get ahold of some money, be careful


Although your communication hasn’t been very assertive lately, and you’ve tended to lose yourself in your inner world, this Sunday appears very positive. If you know that words haven’t been your strong suit lately, you’ll strive to show your love through actions, gestures and, probably, a personalized gift or experience for your beloved.

Therefore, your communication won’t be verbal, but the message you’re trying to relay will be understood perfectly. Plus, Mars will give you great sensuality and charisma, and you’ll know how to make the most of it. There will be plenty of passion and happiness will course through your veins.

Those who are single might surprise their beau with a very original and heart-warming gift. Perhaps the moment has come to go from “getting together” to “having romantic dates”.

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If you’re in a position of responsibility at work, you’ll think about whether the time has come to start delegating certain tricky tasks and transactions to other people. Truth is that, at work you feel tired due to all the things you need to do and keep on top of by yourself. You need someone to give you a hand and, fortunately, you’ll find colleagues willing to take on that role.

Someone close to you might invest in an online digital currency company that has promised to make them rich.  Be careful, Pisces, and before you join, check the investment company’s credentials.

Convoluted moments of change and versatility are coming. Each week a new unforeseen event will happen. Be cautious and keep your savings safe, you’ll need them further down the line.


You’ll finish the week having experienced tense moments, and with a constant feeling of confusion. How about relaxing in a bubble bath with lavender essential oil, candles and zen music, before you have dinner? You’ll start the week feeling a lot more optimistic and relaxed.

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