The Pisces sign

You'll successfully overcome laziness to get back in shape - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, December 14, 2020

The time has come to follow your intuition and to dedicate to what you truly love


Mars won’t let you take orders from anyone, least of all from your partner. As what you seek is an egalitarian and companionable relationship, and that is what you’ll want. Therefore, if you feel oppressed or “steered” in your relationship, you won’t hesitate for a moment, and you’ll break the bond.

But you’ll have to be careful because, without meaning to, you’ll be the one to propitiate moments of competitiveness against your beloved. Love is not a career or a competition. Love is about giving and receiving.

Those who are single might climb the ladder by sleeping with a wealthy and powerful person. And, even if they’re married or in a relationship, you’ll be able to get a great advantage from this affair if you use your more manipulative side.

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Pisces, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs in your area of your birth chart linked to vocation, authority and social power. As this eclipse has good aspects with Mars, and Jupiter has good aspects with Venus, this astrological phenomenon synchronises with you so that, over the next six months, you can start a project, investigation, job, business or investment linked to your “life’s mission”.

If you follow this path, you’ll achieve great success, making you gain a lot of social and financial power.  However, this won’t fall from the sky, you must listen to your dreams and pursue them, fight, only thus will you receive all the good things the universe has in store for you.


You’ll be very ambitious in your wellbeing goals and you won’t let laziness overcome you.  “No pain, no gain” as the gyms state. No one will be able to undermine your spirits or your desire to feel better in your own skin, and to work hard to stay in good health.

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