Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

The stars bless the undertaking of your own business - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, August 14, 2020

Did you know that stress causes us to only use 30% of our lung capacity? This causes headaches and backache


The sun in Leo will be making an aspect with Mars in Aries in your birth chart’s area of financial assets and self-worth. This will translate into a very positive and cheerful attitude towards life. You’ll push away anyone who’s in a bad mood or who does nothing but complain.

You’ll idealize the world a bit, and you’ll try to get everyone around you to have fun with you. You’ll be the leader in every group, the soul of the party.

In your love life, you’ll be happy. You’ll make jokes and behave in a silly way to try and make your partner (or date today) laugh until your sides ache. You’ll plan a very sociable weekend with a single goal; to have fun. You can start with karaoke tonight, or just by going clubbing.

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If you were thinking about starting your own business, the astrological climate will be with you all month long, to help you present your business model to banks or investors, and to get the funding you need.

Knock, knock! Do you hear that Pisces? Luck is knocking on your door. Any financial transaction or investment you make today is likely to bring great benefits.

You’ll also have good fortune in all money matters: a salary raise, getting back some money you leant, finding money in a public place, or a relative in a good financial position could give you some banknotes to spend as you see fit.

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Some of the headaches which ail you from time to time are likely because you don’t know how to breathe properly.  Take into account that when you breathe your belly should move outwards, if it doesn’t, then you're not doing it correctly. Some advice to improve these are: to keep your back straight as posture is important, air your home well and if you can, buy an air purifier.