Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

Sparks will fly from furtive glances - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, September 13, 2020

The tense astral energy will fill you with vitality. Too much of it. You'll have to exercise to burn the extra energy


Venus propitiates a happy and loving atmosphere in your relationship.  It will be a good day where you’ll enjoy your partner’s affection and physical contact. Doing something together outdoors would be great, such as riding a quadbike in the mountain or jet-skiing in the sea. The breeze on your faces will give you an amazing sense of freedom and joy.

If you’re single, you’ll feel attracted towards someone in your close circle and your magnetism will make sparks fly between your glances. You’ll be straightforward in your intentions, and the other party will like this.

If you have children, it will be a day where you’ll laugh and learn a lot from them. Sometimes you forget that the small details around you are what makes life special. And seeing how your little one becomes mesmerised by the flight of a butterfly, or the shape of a cloud, will help you realize this.

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At work there’ll be extreme, opposing, energies.  Pisces, one of two things can happen: either you hate everything you’ve done at work up until now and you’ll decide to redo it. Or the time will have come to start reaping the success and benefits from your past labours.

You’ll have an unrealistic perception of money. You’ll believe you can buy and invest on everything you need and want. But that’s not the case. Truth is that you won’t have enough for everything and you might have to prioritize some things.

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Mars and Pluto will fill you with so much energy that you’ll have to channel it by practising resistance sports such as lifting weights, boxing or martial arts. If you don’t do it, you’ll probably end up arguing or fighting with a stranger over some triviality.

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