Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

Envy and grudges will spread like wildfire - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, November 13, 2020

Yes, it's Friday the 13th and superstition comes true for you. Today the best thing would be to hide in a bunker and to go back out until tomorrow


There’s a very tense aspect in your love life, the thing is that Venus (the planet of love) is in quadrant with Pluto (hidden things, destruction and transformation). You’ll have to exercise great willpower to avoid falling into the trap of ephemeral pleasure and being unfaithful with a colleague or classmate. You’ll feel an incredible pull towards forbidden things and if you drink too much, tomorrow you might regret today’s decisions.

Those who are single will feel attracted towards powerful people with a toxic and despotic halo. Careful, Pisces, if you play with fire you could get burnt.

It’s not a good day to start relationships, as these will become enveloped in jealousy, manipulation and, even, aggressiveness.

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This energy will also affect your professional life, where you might be caught in a secret war of gossip, nasty comments and enmities between colleagues or bosses who will try to annoy one another with their words or actions, etc.  Basically, it’s an astral atmosphere of bad vibes where envy and grudges will come to light.

The signing of contracts, delivery of orders and meetings are likely to be delayed, and machinery will probably break down... This day won’t be a walk in the park. Which will put you in a bad mood.

There’s a risk of losing your power of acquisition (and yes, it will be irreparable) if you pay for a trip or purchase a course in an untrustworthy place or website.

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Your area of health, being influenced by this, will translate into afflictions to your senses if you dabble in excess.  That is, you might lose your hearing for the rest of the day if you listen to loud music through your headphones, having an accident if you operate machinery, or a flash of light might blind you for a few hours.

So, from the horoscope, we recommend you be especially careful at work or during long trips.