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Keep your income secret - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, December 13, 2020

The day appears very steamy for stable, sporadic and budding relationships


The moon and Mercury in Sagittarius invite you to chat and learn what’s new in the lives of your loved ones.  Pay attention to how certain people or attitudes make you feel, because those you don’t like or even despise are a reflection of what you must fix within you.

There’s a harmonious aspect between the planet of love (Venus) and the planet of depth (Pluto), which propitiates a very heated day in your relationships, whether stable or sporadic. Sexuality will play an important role this Sunday, where the energies will make you want to fuse with the other person and even learn their darkest, most disturbing fantasies.

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You’ll receive some money from a maternal figure, or an inheritance from your mother’s side of the family. Careful Pisces, because fair weather friends will be on the prowl and they’ll want you to pay for everything. It’s best to keep your finances secret outside of your family.

You need to sort out the mess in your home office or in the tray where you keep all your documents. Sit down for a bit to bring some order to the chaos, as you might be overlooking some important bills or requests.

Nowadays paper correspondence is almost unnecessary, spend some minutes requesting to be sent only electronic bills. This way you’ll be helping the environment and you’ll find it a lot easier to be organized (and it will be quicker when you need to find something).


When you get dressed in the morning, you might discover some red hives on your neck, arms and chest.  The astral atmosphere propitiates your skin’s irritability and the atmosphere full of allergens will cause these symptoms.

Avoid scratching yourself and apply some powder or ointment to the area to alleviate the itching. It shouldn’t be anything serious and after a few hours it should vanish. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to see a doctor.

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