Great chances of an express business trip - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, October 12, 2020

The energies will make you feel very heavy and lazy (and let's not kid ourselves, it's also Monday)


You know well that conflicts can’t be fixed through sex. But today there are opposing aspects in your area of sexuality which push you towards it. That is today, if sparks fly between you and your partner, spouse or beau, over work or family matters, they will become a bonfire of passion and there’ll be fireworks in the bedroom.

Of course, this won't fix the argument, but it will help soothe the tempers and you’ll be able to talk in a more peaceful manner.

Your children (if you have any) might irritate you with any noise or upsetting comment you hear. Your love for them is infinite but, at times, they can wind you up and irritate you. Patience, Pisces, you're doing your best.

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If you have a monotonous job, today you might struggle more than usual, and looking at your clock every five minutes won’t do you any favours.  Plus, some of your colleagues will have such a cheerful attitude that it will irritate you. Don’t be the party pooper no one wants to invite to the party you know that’s not who you are.

This week you’re likely to have an express business trip, if you have a moment, you should prepare a backpack with basic items of clothing, just in case you have to leave in a hurry. Fear not, you won’t have extra expenses as your company will cover them.

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Mental and physically, it will be a day where you’ll fee heavy, as if you were dragging an elephant. You’ll only feel better when you’re back at home.

Do you know the magical gemstone cat eye? It will help you protect your home and yourself from negative energies. Plus, it also strengthens your immune system and aids the swift recovery from fractures.

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