Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

Listen, understand and then respond - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, November 12, 2020

Great serendipity comes into your life today, abundance will come to you through unexpected channels


You’ll notice a need for change in your relationship, and in how this interacts with your personal space. The atmosphere will be agitated and somewhat tense. It’s time to sit down for a chat and to put on the table all the feelings and thoughts which have created and invisible wall that keep holding you back.

But be cautious when expressing yourself, as things could escalate quite quickly and your words become more hostile than planned. Both points of view are equally important. And remember that a conversation like this must serve to understand and not to snap back.

Those who are single will have to slow down with a conquest. Be more subtle and use your romantic nature to delve into that heart.

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We carry on with the positive energy at work. You’ll roll up your sleeves and you’ll get to work. Every time your mind starts wandering, you’ll put your feet back on the ground and you’ll focus again. For his reason, it will be a very productive day.

First tackle the most tedious and urgent tasks so you can get them over and done with first, and then turn to lighter and more creative things.

Financial abundance is coming into your life and you could cancel all credit cards and liquidate personal loans. Although you might make the mistake of spending that money on a trip you want to go on. Be level-headed Pisces, and first get rid of the so called “bad debt”.

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Synchronicity with the stars will bring out your sixth sense, making you live karmic situations or paranormal experiences.  Whatever the case might be, these will be positive.

You might see or hear a loved one who passed away a few months ago, or you might experience a situation of good karma: getting unexpected gifts, receiving great intuition from your guide when closing agreements, or recovering some money you thought lost.