The sign of Pisces with a black starred background

You will be smitten: this is love at first sight - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, March 12, 2021

You'll deeply connect with others, with nature and with occult forces


You’re the luckiest sign of the Zodiac this Friday. Your heart is bursting with kindness and you’ll be gladdened by other people’s news, there’ll be no room for envy in your heart.

You’ll be more open than yesterday, and you’ll interact more with those around you. But you’ll have some sort of benevolent halo worthy of a guru. Everything around you will create a feeling of abundance and gratitude. And you’ll express this to your partner, children, relatives, friends, etc. Your share the love and you’ll receive it in return.

Those who are single will enjoy this day with total happiness and enthusiasm, when they get closer to the person they love. If you have no one in mind, you’ll be smitten by someone new. Yes, Pisces, a love at first sight.

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You’ll work slow and steady. Calmly and without complicating things by trying new methods or techniques. You’ll find peace in simplicity. You’ll diplomatically set boundaries to anyone trying to distract you with trivial matters while you’re busy, but you’ll be happy to hear what they have to say during your lunch.

Pisces who are professionals in esoteric or paranormal matters will have great intuition and connection with the invisible forces of nature and the beyond.  Those who work with natural therapies will also be benefited.


You’ll have special interest in understanding and practising yoga, meditation or understanding the occult forces. If they’re a part of your routine, you’ll be interested in getting a qualification that allows you to teach and share your wisdom with the rest of mankind.

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