Pisces Horoscope for Friday on a universe background

Past trauma resurfaces so you can heal it - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, February 12, 2021

The atmosphere at work will improve and you'll feel more comfortable carrying out your tasks


With so much planetary energy in your birth chart’s area of the subconscious, rough edges and dissatisfaction might arise in your relationship or marriage.  Although you won’t be very willing to talk about it, and you’ll try to brush everything that bothers you under the rug.

But, oh dear, Pisces! You can still see the bulk from the things you’ve swept under that rug. You won’t be able to ignore it and keep pretending everything is okay for much longer. If you don’t want to express what bothers you today, that’s okay. But don’t bottle it up for long or it will eventually explode, and that might lead to a breakup.

Those who are single will surprise their beau by openly talking about subjects that tend to be taboo at the beginning of a relationship. They will appreciate your openness and transparency, don’t be ashamed to talk about anything.

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Although Mercury is still retrograde, its conjunction with Venus this Friday will benefit you at work.  There’ll be better understanding with your team-mates and/or supervisors and the day will go by more swiftly than you expected. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable seeing that everyone breaches the distance in order to keep the peace at work.

Enquiring about the personal life of your nearest and dearest will prove that you take an interest in other people’s wellbeing. This will soften the hearts of those you irritated or angered over the past few days.


Aside from there being quarrels in your relationship, if you have some childhood trauma that happened at school, it’s likely to come back to you in a dream or when you listen to a specific song It’s a good moment to go to therapy and do a regression.

Pisces tend to be clumsy, but today you’ll have a great sense of balance, which will allow you to be very agile at any tasks.

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