The Pisces sign surrounded by stars

You'll be asked for favours which you'll call in later on - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, December 12, 2020

Neptune in quadrant with the sun dispells your dream and Mars encourages you not to stop for a second


Your relationship is at risk of entering a phase of boredom if you can’t find new stimuli or activities to share.  Always talking about work or other subjects, no matter how normal or necessary in your daily life, doesn’t add any fun.

Look for some common ground to discover what new shared interests you have. For example, if you’re united by your love of nature, perhaps trekking would be a good option. If you enjoy cultural activities, you might attend art exhibits or poetry recitals. If you're more active, perhaps signing up for some salsa dancing lessons.

A legal matter will hit your family hard. You’ll be more united than ever, as it’s an unjust cause that you’ve all been battling for many years.

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A project will take up all of your attention and, although you're very tired (almost exhausted), you don’t want to stop until it’s finished. Your conviction and dedication are good, Pisces, but think that rest is also necessary for a good performance. Try to be more organized and sleep the necessary number of hours, or your body might suddenly say “enough”.

Misunderstandings with partners will give way to a harmonious rapport, which will bring profits and good luck to your company.

Be cleverer and if your neighbour asks for a favour that you can do, do it. This way they’ll owe you one and, further down the line when you need a helping hand, you’ll be able to call in the favour.


Pushing your body to the limit is never a good idea. According to Swedish scientists, not sleeping enough causes brain damage, aside from other symptoms such as: dizziness, acute migraines, decrease in focus, fainting, hallucinations and blurry vision. As said, little fish, you need to rest more and better.

On an emotional level, you’ll suffer several ups and downs and mood swings throughout the day.

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