Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You'll take action regarding your toxic relationships - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The stars conspire in your favour, and you'll get that job you need or that promotion your long for


It’s a day where you might realize that your relationships toxic or detrimental to your health (if this is actually the case).  Perhaps up until now you had been picking up actions or phrases which hurt or offended you, but which you thought were unintentional.

Thanks to Mars and Venus’s opposition, you’ll have the courage to end this relationship that doesn’t give you anything positive. You need time alone to assimilate these revelations and make the right decision.

Those who are single will meet someone while exercising who will transform their outlook in life, and their horizons. They don’t need to be a future love interest; they might just become your new best friend.

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Pisces, you’ll receive good news at work, you’ll get that job you’d applied to or you might even get a promotion, if you're already employed.  Fortunately, your communication with your bosses will be direct but honest, grateful and clear. Do you might express gratitude and your intentions for this new phase.

Strong intuition, almost clairvoyance in any investments you make, as you’ll make lots of money. Inheritances or loan requests will be resolved in your favour, and they’ll help you progress in your daily life.

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With today’s astral energies, you might also become aware that you need to drop habits you thought were harmless (although deep down you know they’re bad for your health).  Such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or mind-altering substances. The planet of war will give you that final boost (of you make an effort) to overcome this bad habit.

You’ll be sentimental and some important conversations you have in your relationships might strike a chord, making you cry a river in a sort of cathartic experience. If you think you need help, then it’s a good moment to start therapy.