The Pisces sign with a purple background

Your Pisces characteristics are enhanced - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, March 11, 2021

You won't connect with your practical side, you'll be withdrawn and your tasks are likely to pile up


The conjunction of your regent, Neptune, with the sun, activates and boosts all of your Pisces aspects and characteristics. Your sensitivity will be enhanced and your expression, both oral and written, will be subtle and delicate. You’ll tend to lose yourself in daydreams and fantasies. You’ll be very sensitive, but you’ll keep feelings and emotions to yourself.

Your partner will notice you're distracted, with your gazed fixed on some point far from reality. They’ll try to help you put your feet back on the ground by making you laugh, but eventually they’ll realize it’s no use. So, their way of showing you their love will be taking care of you, making sure you want for nothing and that you feel comfortable at home.

Single Pisces will feel attracted to people who work at sea, artists or religious people.

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Pisces who work in artistic and creative professions will have extra good luck thanks to the astral energies, especially painters, sculptors, musicians and poets.

The thing is, your very low sense of practicality will be completely blocked out, so it’s better if today you focus on tasks which require a more abstract mindset. If your job is entirely practical or manual, you’ll notice you struggle a lot more to concentrate, and for things to go well in the first go. You’ll surely have to work overtime or leave for tomorrow the tasks you can’t finish today.


It would be ideal if you could have direct contact with your element this Thursday: water. It would be especially good if you could swim in the sea or take a walk barefoot by the shore, so you can soak your feet. It will be a moment of deep mystical connection that will fill your soul and recharge your batteries.

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