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You validate your feelings and let them crop up freely - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, January 11, 2021

Prepare for a working day that will be an uphill battle, but which you'll get through with self-discipline


You’ll notice an increase in your libido, which has been sort of dormant over the past few days, where you've focused more on the mental aspect of your relationship.

Passion, together with a fluid and easy communication with their beloved will delight all the Pisces who are in a relationship.

Your feelings and emotions will sprout spontaneously and will be a true reflection of your personality. You’re already used to accepting all of your feelings and you’ll give free rein to any that appear.

If you’re single, you’ll feel the need to have a love of the kind you used to fantasize about before going to bed, as romantic and long-lasting as in the films. Careful because this nostalgia might lead to you snooping through your ex’s social media.

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Despite it being Monday, at work you’ll feel physically and mentally fatigued. This feeling of professional exhaustion will make you think that you wish you had picked a different career.  But don’t feel down, Pisces, it’s just a temporary phase.

For this reason, today you’ll need large doses of self-discipline in order to finish all of your tasks, pushing yourself very hard. However, plan your day well or you might succumb to an anxiety attack.

On the other hand, the astral climate benefits the closing of new agreements, whether on a business level, financially or with your investments.


As we previously mentioned, this won’t be the best moment for your health. For this reason, we recommend you avoid contact sports or activities. The best thing for you today is some stretching with gentle movements, and some meditation.

At times like this you can observe how a good diet impacts your body.  Avoid processed foods, industrial pastries and deep-fried foods. Instead choose foods which a high water content and combine them with protein-rich foods, to give you the strength to cope at work.

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