Pisces Horoscope for Thursday on a universe background

Passion and understanding in your love life - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, February 11, 2021

It won't be an easy day at work, there'll be a lot of obstacles and your communicationw won't flow


The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter and the sextil of Mars with Neptune will leave you on fire. Your inner fire will spread through every inch of your skin, making even the smallest contact with your partner give you goosebumps. Your thirst for passion and lust will be unleashed and your partner will be delighted to satisfy your needs and make you enjoy. You’ll happily corroborate that the attraction between you is still very much alive.

Single Pisces, feeling very self-confident, will throw themselves into wooing that person they like. But be careful, Pisces, what you say might show how anxious you are to have their love and the other party won’t like this. Take it slowly and don’t force anything.

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The quadrant of Saturn and Uranus won’t make life easy for professional Pisces when it comes to legal, court, administrative, mechanical or technological matters. For example, if you’re a lawyer you might experience a delay due to losing some documents in your laptop or due to a server being down. And if you’re a mechanic, some administrative paperwork might be delayed or even cost you a fine.

Communication won’t flow with your team-mates and some heated arguments, confusion and reproaches might arise.  You’ll feel so desperate and uncomfortable that, by the time you get home, you might start looking for a new job,


The new moon in Aquarius in your House XII allows you to connect with your depth, your subconscious patterns and your transcendental desires. It’s a day where meditating or writing about your thoughts and reflections will offer you a lot of light and a few epiphanies.

Due to this energy, some insecurities that seemed to be in the past might resurface. When you look at yourself in the mirror you might decide to finally get plastic surgery. The idea of doing cosmetic tourism might occur to you, but you should research it very well before you pay anything upfront.

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