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An unexpected job offer arises - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, December 11, 2020

You'll have an impulsive and unhealthy tendency to overeat, this will take its toll come night time


Your friends are organizing a meal r barbecue for the weekend and don’t want you to miss it. But you have a family commitment with the in-laws. And, of course, if you could choose you wouldn’t hesitate, and you’d go to the party with your friends. In order to avoid arguments, you should talk to both parties to see if one of the two plans could be postponed, this way you won’t let anyone down.

Your partner, rather than getting annoyed, will help you reorganize your weekend as they also need some distraction and to have a good time.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this attitude and you’ll cover them with kisses and cuddles throughout the day.

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An unexpected job offer will surprise you due to its good conditions. However, it will involve moving house, and everything that comes with it. Pisces, leave your worries aside and listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

You can’t understand some of your partner’s actions, or you think they’re not in line with your company’s plans.  Sit down to clarify this matter because it surely stems from a misunderstanding or from not having outlined the duties of each sufficiently. If you don’t sort this out, you’ll both be treading over each other’s toes, some tasks will go badly, and your reputation will suffer.


Today’s dietary tendencies will give you a belly ache.  You feel you need a treat after a tough day at work, but one thing will lead to another... Some drinks after work, buying pastries, then a hefty dinner, etc.

When you go to sleep your sugar levels will have spiked and you slow digestion won’t allow you to fall asleep. To alleviate the symptoms, you should drink a peppermint or chamomile infusion and wait a few minutes for it to act.

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