Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll need to get rid of what makes you uncomfortable - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, September 10, 2020

Careful with your words and tone, your beloved might misinterpret them and become upset


The sun in your area of relationships and marriage in a tense aspect with the moon in Gemini propitiates a day where words can be misconstrued in your marriage, and problems caused unintentionally.

Those who are single will be immersed in a dilemma. There’s someone they’ve met up with a few times that they like, but they want to carry on being free and not commit to anyone for the time being. The other party will be very disappointed as they believed a stable relationship was imminent. The best thing you can do is to come clean to them and explain the situation to avoid causing further harm.

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There will be no changes in your finances, but you have Venus’s energy in your area of work and routines. Plus, the South node is also affecting your area of vocation and acceptance of authority. If you’re employed, it’s likely that, for months now, you've been noticing an energy of rupture and displeasure with your boss and place of work.

You’re going through a critical moment in your life where you’ll often reflect on whether your job makes you happy and whether it’s the job of your dreams, if you’re truly passionate about it. Plus, the bad atmosphere in your company will make you feel like the Universe is pushing you to get out of there. You won’t put up with the bad treatment or abrupt manners of anyone, especially your supervisors. There are times of drastic changes coming in this area of your life. Get ready, Pisces.

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The waning moon urges you to critically and rationally analyse why you’re not sticking to the healthcare routines you established a couple of months ago, or how you can be more constant if you’ve been inconsistent with them.

Perhaps you need to change the order of your tasks or seek external motivation from a specialist. If your goal is a physical change, sign up to a gym with a friend, so you can encourage one another.