Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll have great intellectual appeal - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, October 10, 2020

Tension in your area of friendship continues. Your words will feel like sharp blades to others


In a conversation with a friend you might be to blunt and honest. This might bother them, and you’ll notice it on their face. “I’m sorry but someone had to say it”. The thing is, true friends aren’t there to agree with you, but to be honest with you. And, although at first, they might get angry, eventually they’ll thank you for it. However, you should try to be gentler in your communications today, Pisces.

The harmonious transit between Mercury and Venus in your area of relationships will give you unparalleled intellectual attractive. You can make anyone fall in love with you with your words. You’ll be very active and bold when making decisions during a date. You’ll want to ask and learn a lot about the other person, and your counterpart will be delighted that you’ll want to know so much about them.

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Your persuasive and charismatic language can help you get what you want. You might meet with an important professional connection outside of work and convince them that they need you in their team. Your enthusiasm for the project will be key to start a new work relationship or collaboration.

The astral atmosphere is very favourable if your profession is linked to communication, but above all politics. Take this opportunity to make give a speech, do a live interview or upload a video online so everyone can learn about your proposals.

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A large meal might give you acid reflux and nausea. To sort this out you can use cinnamon, a magical spice with multiple medicinal qualities. If you make an infusion with it, take the opportunity to make one for your partner as it’s also an aphrodisiac. So, when you’re better you can allow yourselves to get carried away by passion.

On a mental level it will be a very lucid and mainly happy day.