Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You won't let go of the hand of your beloved - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The sun gives you its courage and power so you can keep working hard towards achieving your goals


With the sun in trigone to Neptune, you’ll need to feel loved and appreciated by your partner (even if you don’t tell them so).  You’ll seek their hand to hold when you’re walking down the street or sitting on the couch. You’ll crave moments of intimacy where you can enjoy kisses and caresses. You’ll say how much you love your other half, expecting them to correspond you in the same manner, and you’ll smile broadly when you realise that this is the case.

Pisces, you might receive an unexpected phone call or visit from your father, and the communication between you will be positive. Although, if he’s done something you don’t approve of in the past, don’t expect him to apologize for it.

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At work you’ll keep fighting to achieve your goals in a direct and self-confident way, but the aggressiveness you experienced yesterday will vanish. The sun in sextile to Pluto will positively benefit those who work in medicine, the military, law enforcement, sports, etc. That is, professions which require great discipline and grit.

Remember that Mercury is slowly going back to a straight motion, and it can play a trick on you, such as making you believe you need new machinery because the one you have doesn’t work when, in truth, you’ve just fitted it incorrectly. Or perhaps you’ve simply forgotten to plug it in at the wall.

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The astral atmosphere gives you a very positive influence for recovering from illnesses, surgery (undergone during the waxing moon) and injuries. Due to which it’s a good day to go to a physiotherapist or a rheumatologist.

If you have nothing to “heal”, you’ll enjoy great vitality, muscular tone, energy and a very high libido (although your enhanced sex appeal will probably help you find someone to remedy this last item).

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