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Trouble in your relationship caused by jealousy - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, January 10, 2021

Several professional options which you didn't know existed open up before you, and you'll want to keep them all to yourself


As we said yesterday, your relationship will be going through an evolution since you’re going through a moment of personal and spiritual growth. You need some freedom to investigate, experiment and open up to new sensations.

This might make your partner jealous, and cause reproaches or arguments.  You, being used to flow, don’t see a problem with it, but your beloved will struggle to understand this process, due to which they might get defensive.

Be honest regarding what you feel and where you want this relationship to go, and all of your partner’s doubts and fears will dissipate.

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You’ll want to explore many professional oaths which draw you, but Saturn will be placing some obstacles, reminding you that you shouldn’t rush into decisions if you don’t have anything to tip the scales. So long as you’re not sure of the path to take, it’s best not to make any rash decisions.

Daily chores will turn into a party with some music and incense of your liking. You won’t be lazy at ell and, by the end, the feeling of cleanliness will make you feel proud and comfortable.

Mercury in Capricorn will give you a memory worthy of an Elephant, which is perfect if you have an exam coming up. Take the opportunity to get up early and study right until dinner, the day will be very fruitful.


We don’t foresee changes to your health, Pisces. If you had been feeling well these days, this Sunday you’ll keep having lots of vitality.  If you're ill, you’ll have to be patient as you’ll still have to wait until you get better.

Your feelings will be somewhat convoluted due to the new passions arising in your professional life. You’ll feel somewhat off centre and the impossibility of picking only one thing will overwhelm you.

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