Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Question your arguments and be more flexible - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Mars will bring out the inner warrior no one knew you had in you


The tense astral climate between Mars and Venus will influence you in such a way that your ego and arrogance will come to the surface without any qualms. If you don’t control these energies, you might have arguments with your partner over your rigid arguments and ideas.

You’ll think your opinions and thoughts are the only right ones, and no one will be able to make you see reason. You might even become a bit aggressive if you don’t manage to make your partner agree with you. Be careful with your words and actions above all, and don’t disrespect others or lose your temper.

Single Pisces will scare everyone around them away due to this arrogant energy. Although they won’t mind much, because they won’t realize that the one in the wrong is them, and not others.

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This attitude will also translate into your work, and you might have to be restrained by others to stop you from physically fighting a colleague at work. Your supervisors won’t put up with this for long, and you might get a final warning.

An investment you’ve had for months will start reporting benefits. It won’t be a very large sum, but it will be periodic and constant.

Those who are unemployed will turn down interesting job offers because they think their time is worth a lot more than they're being offered. This is valid, little fish. But if you carry on like this you might stay unemployed for a long time.

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With Mars in tension with various stars, adrenaline will course through your veins as if you were a formula 1 racer. To release it and balance your feelings through your body, the best thing is for you to do some moderate-risk sports.

Although the energies influence us, remember that we’re the ones who choose our attitude towards others and towards life in general, every morning.

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