Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll feel relieved but also empty after closing cycles - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, October 1, 2020

There'll be a lot of passionate energy which you'll have to channel somehow, otherwise it might come up as an argument or through sex


With Mercury in opposition to Uranus, there might be some clashes with your partner regarding opinions on social and technological matters. But, at the same time, you can make the most of Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in a good aspect with Mars to understand them and leave all differences aside: in the bedroom or chatting about deeper and more transcendental matters.

This unusual openness in your intimate or sex life might make you consider having an open relationship or a secret love affair. Although, if your willpower can overcome this, you’ll channel all of this affection unto your partner and you’ll want to breach any distance that may have come between you.

It’s one of those days where come secrets might come to light. Remember, Pisces, that if you don’t want something to be known you shouldn’t tell it to anyone ever.

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You’ll have the energy of the stars on your side to make you persuasive in your language. This is excellent if you work in marketing or advertising, because you’ll gain a lot of power of persuasion and you’ll be able to sell anything you want.

You’ll discard the idea of working on your own and you’ll see alliances with new partners, or to improve your communication with those who work in your company. This way you’ll be able to diversify the tasks and the solutions to any problems that might arise.

It’s the perfect day to sell valuable objects, properties or assets. Money will move fluidly, and your wallet will be replenished.

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The sun in Libra in opposition to the moon in Aries can push you to close cycles with people or partners you’re no longer happy with. This can lead to divorces and, with them, a great feeling of sadness and emptiness.

Remember that, as Saturn is straight again, any decisions you make will be final.  So, before you make any decisions you might regret in the future, reflect on them carefully.

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