A great day for couples and marriages - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, March 1, 2021

You'll prefer to postpone your exercise and stay at home with a homemade face mask on


Venus, the sun and Neptune in conjunction, shining on your sign, give you great optimism and a lot of love. If you’re a happily married or partnered Pisces, today will be a particularly romantic and passionate day. Caresses and kind words will keep coming throughout the day. You’ll feel loved and grateful, and you’ll manage to make your partner feel the same.

Those who are single will focus on themselves and will see their self-esteem and self-confidence increase. If you had to set up a date, you’ll only go if you’re sure you’re not wasting your time. If you don’t see a future for those encounters, you’ll prefer to spend time on yourself, looking after yourself and your health.

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The quadrant of Uranus-Saturn keeps attracting some sudden and unexpected changes into your life, especially in your close circle. This can lead to being transferred to another department at work, thus changing the people you work with, having new people join your company which could make you feel uncertain, or having changes in the management of the company you work for.

You think nothing could surprise you anymore, you get carried away by the universe’s designs and flow like a fish on the ocean's currents. You’ll be like a chameleon and you’ll adapt to any circumstances.

When you create the budget for this month, it would be good if you invested part of your earnings on training. Doing a course on that new hobby you’re passionate about could be a good idea.


With Mars still in Taurus, laziness might overcome you at times today.  You’ll postpone anything that can be postponed, including your workout. Don’t start the month this way, Pisces, use all of your willpower and try to be consistent with your practices!

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