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New shared goals for couples - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, January 1, 2021

A quiet first day of the year, except for the Pisces who are abroad


The waning moon in the sign of romance (Leo) gives you a chance to start. Whether it’s starting all over or starting from scratch. If you have a life partner, today’s a good day to finally leave behind past quarrels and start setting new challenges and projects in your relationship. How about choosing an activity to help you move your body? Such as signing up to the gym or to dancing lessons. A new shared goal for this 2021 will unite you greatly.

Some breakups that took place last month due to the tense astral energies will get close again, but it won’t be until the middle of January, where you’ll have a serious reconciliation. You still have matters to discuss and fix with your partner, Pisces.

Those who are single will be able to establish a more fluid and more romantic communication at night, due to the calmer impulses, with someone they met during the past festivities.

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If you're travelling you might have serious problems with the authorities of the country, you’re in, due to paperwork problems. If this happens, you should drop your defensive attitude and follow all the instructions you’re given.

You’ll spend money on small purchases which you’ll will come in handy for your home and for yourself. Such as the clothes you need to look well, or good quality furniture which you really needed to change or acquire.


A hormonal imbalance will make you bloated and it might even give you some acne. Did you know there are plants and herbs which help with hormonal imbalances? Parsley, dandelion and alfalfa will help you greatly in this sense.

But this imbalance might be caused by inner matters such as a “bad” diet during the past festivities and not having exercised at all. The time has come to get serious about your health again.

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