Careful with sending intimate pictures - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, February 1, 2021

Thanks to your sixth sense, you'll have the ability to seize up a person by looking at them from afar


Although it’s illegal to share pictures sent to you online by someone else, many people do it anyway, whether it’s to boast, to harm you, or because they’re ignorant. Be careful if your new beau asks you for pictures or videos, and you don’t trust them much yet.  Remember the saying, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s a very sensitive matter.

Plus, your feelings might make you slip up and send certain files, which could end up in the wrong thread or inbox. Remember that Mercury is retrograde and you might play you a nasty trick, or that you might have to give an embarrassing explanation.

Bottom line, if you want a fling, it’s better to choose a more traditional and personal style, and where you will be able to look the other person straight in the eye. This also goes for couples who, from time to time, send each other racy pictures in order to add some spice and sexiness to their relationship.

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Pisces’s sixth sense is still being enhanced thanks to Neptune in your sign and Pluto in trigone with the moon. On a professional level, this will help you listen to your intuition and realize that those who are honest and have good intentions, and those who have a negative aura and a dark agenda.

You’re not entirely sure where last month’s money that you thought you’d saved has gone. Some expenses aren’t entirely clear and you’ll need to sit down and sort out your finances.


If you’re taking undergoing pharmacological treatment, you might not see any improvements or even notice things getting worse. It’s time to request a second opinion from a doctor.

You’ll be especially attractive this Monday, and when you look in the mirror, a complicit smile will appear on your face.

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