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Fatigue will make you dream of going on holiday - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A good pair of shoes will help you improve your posture and spread your weight optimally


You’ll be somewhat distant and cold with your partner due to the stress and fatigue from work. But they will react lovingly, giving you encouragement, cuddles and preparing your favourite dinner. At times we don’t need someone to pick us up when we’ve “fallen down”, but rather to lie down beside us until we can get back on our feet again. Although today you won’t be the most affectionate and romantic of people, you should thank them for these love-filled gestures.

Those who are single and have recently been smitten by cupid will get their feet back on the ground and will see their beau through more realistic lenses.

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The moon and Capricorn’s planetary energies invite you to follow your line of work and duty. But the truth is that you can already feel the weight of fatigue weighing you down. The year is coming to an end and this race against time you’re running at work starts letting you catch your breath a little. A breath of fresh air so you can regain your strength.

You need some days unplugged so you can reconnect with yourself before the solar eclipse. Three or four days of holiday would come in really handy, Pisces. Especially if you can plan an express trip (even if it’s not too far away).

If you don’t need anything, you won’t buy anything. Simple, isn’t it? And when we talk of needs, we’re referring to basic needs: food, water, etc. no make-up, clothes or accessories. You’ll only spend on the bare necessities.


If you’ve had sore knees lately, it’s because perhaps you’re not paying attention to what shoes you buy.  Wearing sensible footwear is important to keep your joints and spine in a good position.

There are many types of insoles on the market which you can buy and add to your shoes to avoid having to get rid of them. But take this into account the next time you go shopping.

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