Libra Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll notice a positive evolution in your life - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 November 2020

If you want to achieve the expected results at work and in health, you'll have to be much more disciplined


This week, Libras who are in a relationship will learn to have a more generous and flexible attitude. You'll be able to take big steps forward. The balance between giving and receiving will be fundamental if you want to have a stable and healthy relationship.

On the other hand, it's a perfect moment to finally leave behind those relationships that bring nothing positive to your life. You can't and shouldn't carry on with them, no matter who those people are. Leave negative bonds behind and create some space for fresh beginnings. 

Single Libras will go through several phases, but towards the end of the week, the stars will give you a pleasant surprise. You may finally meet that person you've been looking for; in fact, he/she could be the love of your life. 

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When it comes to your job, at the beginning of the week, you'll have to face some difficulties and obstacles. You'll be able to overcome them only if you manage to be more disciplined.  What often holds Libras back is the lack of perseverance in their goals.

If you manage to be more assertive, you'll surely be able to change the course of events in the professional field. Things will turn out right. 

In fact, by the end of the week,  those who work on their own will find a door to work and economic success in the form of a small business, which will be very successful.

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As far as your health is concerned, you'll go through different states, from physical and psychological fatigue to more favorable and energetic moments. Everything is possible these days. 

You'll have to pay special attention to your kidneys and take more care of them  since they're your weak point. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and take diuretic infusions to keep fit.

Regarding your emotions, you'll feel uncertain and exhausted on some days, but you'll manage to regain your inner balance. In this sense, it won't be a hard week for you, Libra.