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You'll feel like you're in an obstacle course - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 June 2021

It's going to be a busy week in many areas of your life, so there's no time to lag behind

❤️ Love

Libra, on the first days of the week, the stars will be on your side when it comes to love. Things will go smoothly and there will be a lot of activity in the sexual field. 

However, as the days go by, some Libras could have problems with their partner. You'll be able to solve them only if you act quickly and smartly; otherwise, they'll become entrenched and bring future conflicts. 

As far as single Libras are concerned,  although you'll be a little arrogant, the stars will help you attract the person you've been waiting for. Take advantage of this opportunity. 

💰 Money

When it comes to your job, at the beginning of the week, you'll feel nervous and won't have enough time for everything. In fact, what you really lack is a better organization, Libra, so get down to work.

If you feel overwhelmed at work and can't handle some of your tasks, ask people with more experience to lend you a hand. Don't try to do everything on your own because you stand to lose.

Finally, it's time to write a new chapter in your life, so if you don't feel valued at work, quit it. There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for anyone who decides to take a chance and is confident in their abilities.

👩‍⚕️ Health 

As for your health, this week you'll feel very nervous most of the time. Therefore, you should learn to meditate or do some kind of relaxation exercises to regain your inner balance.

On the physical level, if you have any ailment, you'll be able to find a quick and effective remedy. However, you shouldn't ignore the symptoms, as they could worsen.

In any case, you'll be in a good mood despite the circumstances, because deep down you know that  it's your strong character that will help you to get ahead.

👍 Tip of the week

Asking for help doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for June 7 - 13 are: 6, 19, 73 and 81.

🤝 Compatibilities

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